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Stuttgart Airport City
Vacant rental space
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Contemporary and expressive with plenty of flexible areas for innovative work. The SkyLoop unites convincing advantages: it’s modern, prestigious, easy to reach and offers tailor-made office layouts. A distinctive new office building, the SkyLoop is already a hallmark of Stuttgart Airport City. This property is perfectly conceived for international networking of your company.
Those who work here are well prepared for the future.

Top class office quality


SkyLoop combines distinctive architecture with flexible surface concepts and intelligent building technology.

Broadband Internet connection


Depending on the provider, data transfer rates of up to 10 Gbits/s are possible at short notice.

Perfection in detail


Building control via EnOcean wireless technology allows adaptation to individual needs.


Top location

The SkyLoop is located right next to the Wyndham hotel, the multi-storey car park of the national trade fair and McDonald's restaurant. Parking area P12 is opposite the building and the Stuttgart Airport bus station is to the south. The terminals are just a 3-minute walk away.

Another high-quality office complex will be built at P12 in the next few years. As part of the Stuttgart-Ulm rail project, one of the two main entrances to the future long-distance railway station will be built in the western area of the site.




A true eye-catcher: the facade features vertical profiles in harmonious blue and green tones


Impressive and interesting architecture creates an inspiring atmosphere


Distinctive architecture is a symbol for successful businesses

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Expressive forms through three interlocking, rounded building elements


Elegantly curved facade and high window-to-wall ratio of approx. 60%.

High demands elegantly fulfilled

The architecture, flexibility and functionality of the SkyLoop are harbingers of success. Modern, distinctive and available business premises are in high demand in and around Stuttgart. Office buildings reflect your company image and serve as your calling card to the outside world, communicating information about the values and success of your company.

The SkyLoop: modern, prestigious and innovative. An exclusive office property and the flagship of Stuttgart Airport City. Clearly visible from the motorway, the SkyLoop arouses your curiousity to discover more. The elegant design gives the SkyLoop real landmark character.

The outer facade

Trendsetting and unique

The shape of the building

Expressive and unusual

SkyLoop is eye-catching due to its curved facade. The combination of glass with different shades of blue and green always attracts attention. Its vertical facade profiles combine elegance and function. They set the tone in terms of style and colour and serve as guide rails for the external, electrically operated sun protection slats. The SkyLoop is unusual in every way, even when it comes to building layout: an exciting, dynamic combination of three building elements. Inside, these rounded, interlocking elements form two light-flooded courtyards.


The best conditions for a pleasant working atmosphere:

  • Facade with a high window-to-wall ratio of approx. 60%.
  • Floor-to-ceiling window elements
  • Solar control glazing
  • Bright and open room atmosphere
  • Clear height 1st floor to 4th floor approx. 2.90 m
  • Clear height ground floor and 5th floor approx. 3.30 m and 3.80 m (minus height of ceiling elements approx. 15 cm)

The total rental area consists of a basement, an underground car park with a split level system on five levels and three buildings of different sizes and heights. The basement (level 1) is used for technology, service and rental as storage space. The office areas are primarily located on the standard floors of buildings A (levels 2 to 7) and B (levels 2 to 8).

The living space of man is the architecture he has developed

Prof. Rainer Hascher

Prof. Rainer Hascher

Management Hascher Jehle Architecture

Prof. Sebastian Jehle

Management Hascher Jehle Architecture


The equipment: More quality for your performance

Those who feel comfortable at their workplace work more productively. The bright, friendly rooms in the SkyLoop, are just one of many advantages. Thanks to zone or room temperature regulation, you can respond to individual preferences as desired. The mechanical ventilation system automatically supplies fresh air with pretempered air. The zone-regulated exterior sunshade system is made of light metal lamellas and effectively protects the building from becoming too warm. Interior shading ensures glare-free working on the computer.


Acoustic panel ceilings and carpet tiles effectively counteract reverberation effects and contribute to pleasant room acoustics. And thanks to the high level of insulation on the facade, noise doesn’t enter from outside.

The SkyLoop doesn’t overlook the importance of the outdoor areas. There's something to be said for working outdoors with a notebook or tablet in the attractively designed courtyard. This is the place to let your thoughts flow freely and find creative solutions.


The building management system is programmable and can be adjusted to suit individual requirements. The temperature control regulation, for example, uses EnOcean wireless technology so it’s possible to respond even more readily and flexibly to individual needs or room layout.

The building and the individual rental areas are connected to the Internet and telecommunications data via corresponding cabling (primary and secondary). There are two IT rooms with technical equipment interfaces on each level. Internet, data and telecommunications networks meet here and the correct operating temperature for the technical infrastructure is carefully observed. The IT cabling of the rental units is laid through a cavity floor, which has a construction height of approx. 40 cm from the first floor (ground floor approx. 20 cm).

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Plenty of room for working and feeling good

The SkyLoop provides the best prerequisites for a pleasant working atmosphere.

24_VSB_2016-02-20_084w klein.jpg
25_VSB_2016-02-20_070w klein.jpg
26_VSB_2016-02-20_115w klein.jpg
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Prestigious, comfortable, secure - the way to the SkyLoop

Visitors enter the SkyLoop through one of the two distinctive entrance areas at building section A (Flughafenstraße 59) or B (Flughafenstraße 61) and experience the inspiring atmosphere of this impressive architecture from the very first step.

The entrance areas to building sections A and B each open inside to form spacious and elegant foyers with a manned reception area. You can easily reach the individual floors via the staircase or the elevators. In building section A, the underground car park, which also leads to the storage rooms, has a separate elevator.

The inner courtyard of building section A is also accessible via the foyer; thanks to a membrane roof, it can be crossed even when it is raining.


For the rental units located in the northern part of building section A, there is a side entrance with a separate staircase, as well as two additional elevators connecting the 1st floor with the storage areas and the upper floors.

The main entrance of building section A and the side entrance have a bell system with intercom. Automated access control readers also regulate access to ensure a user-friendly and secure welcome.


The SkyLoop offers two distinctive entrance areas


Spacious and elegant foyer with manned reception in building section A


Prestigious, comfortable and safe - the way to the SkyLoop


A green inner courtyard protected by a membrane roof in building section A


The parking lots: Nobody has to search here for long

The underground car park offers 377 parking spaces, each 2.50 m wide. In addition to the garage parking spaces, there are 19 car parking spaces outside.

The underground car park is located along Flughafenstraße.