SkyLoop Business Center: Flexible Büroräume in bester Lage


In times of increasing globalisation, the Agendis Group has specialised in the special needs of companies looking for small office solutions for individual employees or teams. Last year, the company opened its ninth Business Center in the ultra-modern SkyLoop Building in Stuttgart Airport City. Because the demand there is so great, the supply at this location is now being expanded.

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The pictures on the walls tell stories from times long past. One of them shows how a Lufthansa Boeing 707 lands at Stuttgart Airport for the first time in the early 1960s. On another, workers load packages with sliding caps into the shiny bow of a propeller plane. Airport history in black and white. "The photos are a wonderful fit for this location," says Oliver Fuchs, Managing Director of the Agendis Group.
In March 2018, the company opened its ninth business center in Germany in the SkyLoop Building at Stuttgart Airport. The pictures on the walls are a kind of homage to the new location. Oliver Fuchs himself has had the historical photos from the Stuttgart Airport archive processed and enlarged, and since then they have created a very special atmosphere in the corridors. A total of 55 offices distributed over two floors can be rented here since the opening, the demand is very good from the beginning, according to Fuchs. 
This is due in particular to the consistently implemented concept of the company, which has specialised in a segment that conventional landlords of office space usually do not cover. While in normal office buildings it is often only possible to rent entire floors because the infrastructure of elevators, toilets, escape routes and other generally used rooms does not permit flexible use, the Business Center also offers small-scale solutions. For many of the tenants who have found their new workplace here, an office with 20 square metres of space is sufficient. Some have also rented two, three or four rooms.  

Most of the inquiries do not come from small companies in the region. Most of them are large companies, global players, who participate in the international competition and want to establish themselves at a new location. Tenants include, for example, a company from Japan that has sent two engineers to Stuttgart to develop a product for the German market. And there are also regular inquiries from companies from many other countries who are looking for such an opportunity and who appreciate the advantages it offers. The equipment in the Business Center not only includes fully furnished and modern offices, but also the usual infrastructure in office buildings is available to the tenants. In the SkyLoop, for example, this includes three representative conference and meeting rooms, each equipped with modern IT and communication technology for holding video conferences. In addition, there is a visitor reception, which is the central point of contact, distributes mail and also accepts calls for the office tenants. "Every tenant can use the complete infrastructure and business equipment of an entire office building. And at a fixed price. That's the big advantage," says Managing Director Oliver Fuchs.

In addition to Stuttgart, the Agendis Group also operates such a business center in Frankfurt and Munich, each at three selected locations. The SkyLoop Center, the youngest office building in the series, is particularly attractive because of its central location between Stuttgart Airport and the Landesmesse. Already today, the region around Stuttgart Airport is a prospering conurbation, which has attracted many newcomers and helped the municipalities to considerable growth. In the near future, in the course of Stuttgart 21 and the new line, a traffic hub will be built here that is unrivalled in Europe. A state-of-the-art transfer point with a central bus terminal, city railway connection, a new S-Bahn station, a well-developed motorway and, last but not least, a new airport railway station, which will considerably improve the accessibility of the entire Filder area with its 150,000 jobs and around 250,000 inhabitants.

No wonder, then, that expansion plans are already being forged a good year after the opening of the office building: Because demand is so good, another floor in the SkyLoop Building is to be expanded in the foreseeable future. "We are in the process of expanding our offer to 85 offices," says Managing Director Oliver Fuchs. The third floor will be designed along the lines of the two floors below: Modern offices, high-quality materials, innovative technology in the conference rooms - and pictures on the walls that fit in wonderfully with this location and create a very special atmosphere.